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Guiding in the age of COVID-19

During this age of COVID19, we’ve all been adjusting to the new norms. This includes in our personal lives, as well as in our work lives. No industry is unaffected, and even though the outdoors will be the best place to relax for a long time coming, the outdoor industry has taken note. Idaho’s outfitters and guides have been working hard with experts in health and commerce agencies to make sure outdoor guided trips are as safe as possible. IOGA has been playing an integral part in helping outfitters and guides achieve this.

The biggest task that outfitters and guides will perform during these times is communication. Communication to other businesses they work with, communication with other guides and other employees, and with the guests and clients coming to recreate. There are many changes to the normal guided trips, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be as enjoyable as before. Family units may be kept together more. Boats may not be as full as before. Food may be prepared ahead of time. With all these process changes, we have implemented many improvements that would be beneficial even without viruses. Idaho remains one of the lowest 3 states in the nation for COVID19 cases, and it is due to the hard work of everyone in the state. This includes individuals and governments working together.

Planning is the next important task that we can perform. IOGA outfitters and guides have been working hard going through every process they do and modifying them to meet CDC guidelines. From shuttles to the excursion, to camp layouts, to fitting lifejackets, every detail is being reviewed and improved. 

As an outfitter and guide, you have a wealth of resources to pull from in IOGA. With guidance from the governor, state agencies, and health professionals, outfitters in Idaho are able to create operation plans that minimize health risks. As a guest of guided trips, you know that IOGA outfitters and guides have great plans to make your trip the lowest risk possible. Participating in the outdoor industry is inherently safer than city attractions and theme parks. But the current demand for safer activities has reinvigorated the demand for outdoor adventures. Many people are rediscovering just how amazingly lucky we are in Idaho to have so many natural resources, public lands, and wilderness waters. Despite strange times, don’t neglect your mental health and don’t feed your cabin fever. Get out and enjoy Idaho’s amazing outdoors!