Guided Fishing in Idaho

Rainbow Trout

Idaho is famous for its blue-ribbon trout fishing. The prospect of fishing the gin-clear waters of the Henry's Fork, the South Fork of the Snake River and the Middle Fork of the Salmon draw anglers to Idaho from throughout the world.

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With the establishment of the Idaho territory came the first fishing and drift boat outfitters. Since then, fishing outfitting has taken every form, from deep water boating with heavy gear to alpine walk-and-wade fly fishing. Idaho has it all. The wealth of species in Idaho is unmatched. From ancient sturgeon dwelling on the river bottoms, to blue ribbon resident trout fishing, to ocean running salmon and steelhead, the options are endless.

Whether you want a slow paced day teaching you family how to fish, or a fast paced technical day of targeting difficult species, Idaho has it all. Anywhere you go in Idaho, you’re sure to find an outfitter who has fished these fisheries their whole lives, and can tell you everything about these lakes, rivers and streams. Idaho enjoys so many streams and public lands, it’s easy to find yourself on rivers far from any other soul. Some of the greatest minds in history have placed themselves here to step aside and reflect. And we still enjoy the same wild and untouched wilderness they found.


Chinook - The most enduring of the salmon species, the mighty Chinook travel hundreds of river miles and thousands of ocean miles through their lives. The epic journey of this mighty fish makes it’s landing that more surreal.

Steelhead - Born in Idaho’s pristine alpine stream, this ocean running rainbow trout leaves it’s fellow residents to gorge in the ocean buffet. The fish that return to spawn have travelled all reaches of the Pacific Ocean. Once on the end of your line, hang on for a fight unlike any other fish.

Bass - This territorial, warmer water fish are an experience like no other. This fish will attack your jig or fly with aggression, and their explosive take is comparable to none. Explosive top water eats and their brave nature make them a sight fishing favorite.

Carp - This overlooked fish often turns up noses. But they may be the smartest fish you’ll ever catch, and sizes of 20 pounds is not uncommon. Prepare for the fight of your life as this fish will spool you quickly and require every tactic in your toolbelt.

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